Inescapable Learning Curve

Be in the world but not of it is the principle that many people go by to lead a well balanced life. Be in the tube but do not get caught up in the number is the tip that many successful social media mavens share with the public on how to obtain a level ofContinue reading “Inescapable Learning Curve”

I Want To Be A Youtuber

I want to revamp my YouTube channel. I want to make it a success. However; my uneasiness of looking at myself in the video has not really served me well at the beginning of this renewed adventure. I am particularly critical of examining myself. From my eyes to my lips, from my facial expressions toContinue reading “I Want To Be A Youtuber”

Growing Out Of It

I watch youtube videos. I, in particular, enjoy watching vlog, which is a type of homemade video that compiles bits and pieces of life that belongs to the videographer. The reason why I watch vlogs not only is because of my curiosity in the unknown, but I also am interested in a level of realnessContinue reading “Growing Out Of It”