Snow Angel

Walking in the heavy snow, I came across an angel. She was serene and tranquil. It almost seemed like she purposely chose a cold day like today to grace me with her presence in order to spread some of her love and warmth to the frozen heart of mine. ‘In the arms of an angel,Continue reading “Snow Angel”

A Smile In The Neighborhood

It was a chaotic scene in Yorkville today. An old building, which had witnessed the evolution of Toronto, through the decades, was being torn down. Walking in the neighborhood, tension, frustration, and impatience could easily be felt in the air. As I continued with my stroll, I noticed a smiley face across the street. ItContinue reading “A Smile In The Neighborhood”

Heightening Competitive Edge

Many retail stores in Yorkville have on their display windows greeting in Mandarin, wishing their Chinese clientele a happy lunar new year of horse. A decade ago, learning a foreign language seemed like a luxury to many. In 2014, having the ability to speak a second language has become a must if we want toContinue reading “Heightening Competitive Edge”