Random Act Of Kindness

This morning, the wind was so gusty. Its force of nature could easily destroy a head of gel-hardened hair. I was on my way, headed to the subway station. Upon arriving at the intersection, I took the metro pass out of my coat pocket, while waiting for the traffic light to turn green. The windContinue reading “Random Act Of Kindness”

Singing In The Street

Sing as though everyone is listening; Sing as though everyone is watching; Sing as though you are the star of the Universe; And, sing as though the whole world is applauding. A moment in time is all we have. A movement in time is all we have to do.

Getting In Touch With Sorrow Is Not A Waste Of Time

The most priceless commodity in the universe is time. No amount of money and plastic surgery can permanently turn back the hands of time. In the opinion of many, the way to truly appreciate this priceless commodity is to live it to the fullest by filling every of its second with only the happy andContinue reading “Getting In Touch With Sorrow Is Not A Waste Of Time”

An Old Literary Art Form With A Modern Twist

I was at a panel discussion last night. The subject of discussion was ” is the rise of poetry slam hurting or helping with the traditional poetry scene in today’s world?” There were three invited guests on the show, whose positions were for, neutral about, and against the poetry slam. The guest, who was againstContinue reading “An Old Literary Art Form With A Modern Twist”

A Relaxing Heart

Yesterday, I showed my parents this picture that I took of a book cover in a store window, while strolling in the downtown core. The caption that I gave to this picture was “The happiest man I have seen in town today”; to which my parents replied, “We want you to the happiest person, whoContinue reading “A Relaxing Heart”

Can Act Of Caring Be Used As An Excuse By Parents?

When we reach a certain age in our young adulthood, many of our parents will start bugging us with the importance of marriage. Some do it in an obvious way, while others can get the same message across in a subtle manner. In my own case, the message has been quite conflicting. On one hand,Continue reading “Can Act Of Caring Be Used As An Excuse By Parents?”