My Sense Of Luxury

I was watching JacksGap videos on a Boxing Day morning in Toronto. Jack Harries’ well-produced traveling vlogs really intrigued me. From Europe to Asia, from Asia to North America, his personal traveling video diaries made me really want to be a part of his globe-trotting entourage. A sense of genuine admiration was awakened in meContinue reading “My Sense Of Luxury”

I Have Been Expecting You

For as long as I can remember, it is said to be normal for parents to teach their kids to set expectations, and for them to have expectations from their kids. Parents not only do let their kids know clearly what those expectations are in detail, but they also remind their kids of those expectationsContinue reading “I Have Been Expecting You”

Being The First Isn’t Easy

When we respect our heart’s desires to chart our own life paths, we know that along the way, loneliness is a destined companion. Although we fully understand the inevitability of moments of isolation; however, I don’t think that majority of us have a full grasp on the scale of loneliness we will experience, venturing intoContinue reading “Being The First Isn’t Easy”