Too Many Icons And Heroes

There are way too many icons and heroes in today’s world. Why? Because people throw around these esteemed titles so easily these days that any one, who’s got the financial backing to hire a stylist can be labeled as a fashion icon, and any parent, who’s got three kids to take care of while jugglingContinue reading “Too Many Icons And Heroes”

Another Celebrity Wannabe, Paulina Gretzky

   Another celebrity wannabe, who is trying hard to make a name for herself, by living off her famous last name. If she weren’t born with a famous last name, Gretzky, she’d be just another not bad looking blond girl in a million. Her famous last name has not only given her an easier startContinue reading “Another Celebrity Wannabe, Paulina Gretzky”

Complicated People

I am not sure if I am overly sensitive at times, or some people are just too complicated for me to understand them. Case#1: I know a very friendly guy, who always shows a great amount of respect and courtesy to whomever he encounters in person. He seems understanding of others’ point of view, andContinue reading “Complicated People”

Positively Wonderful

It is easier for me to hear criticism than to receive compliment. Growing up, quite often, daily parental disciplines usually came in the form of criticisms. I was told to always prepare myself for the worst scenario than to expect the best one. No wonder that it has become natural for me to mistake theContinue reading “Positively Wonderful”

Commencement Speeches

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to listen to commencement speeches. I value words of wisdom and concrete examples of life lessons. Commencement speeches, almost, always, deliver what I value, in abundance. As I have discovered in recent years that I learn new things the fastest and remember themContinue reading “Commencement Speeches”