Great Achievement By Robin Sharma

Great achievement always requires great sacrifice. That idea–in a world of quick fix–isn’t so popular. But it still holds true. The bigger the dream, the more work, focus, patience, bravery and devotion you’ll need to find within you to get it done.

Candle Luster

Candles don’t lose their luster by lighting other candles. In this holiday season, you will likely come across many beautifully lit and wonderfully smelled candles. Have you noticed one thing about candles? They don’t lose their luster by lighting other candles. This is a gentle reminder to all of us the importance of sharing generouslyContinue reading “Candle Luster”


When we were little, many clichés didn’t make sense to us. We were incapable of understanding why inner beauty was more important than the outer one. We couldn’t comprehend why a lot of adults said “living is not easy.” And, we didn’t know why many people felt so lonely in a world, of which wasContinue reading “Clichés”