Hanging On By Strings

Certains de nous travaillent à l’intérieur tandis que les autres travaillent à l’extérieur. Même si la majorité de nous se donnent complètement à nos propres travaux, la vie nous traite différemment. Pour ceux et celles, qui font vivre ses families en travaillant à l’extérieur, la vie est dure. Cela dit, ils n’ont pas d’autres choixContinue reading “Hanging On By Strings”

Outer Beauty

Inner beauty certainly has more sustaining power than the outer one does. That being said, before we have the opportunity to shake hand with, talk to and get to know the other person, outer beauty unquestionably has more appeal than the inner one does.

Don’t Ever Smoke!

Years ago, I asked one of my friends, at the time, how she was able to make friends in University. She told me that smoking was her way of creating new friendship. I was stunned by her admission. She said that when she smoked, inevitably someone might come over to borrow a lighter or askContinue reading “Don’t Ever Smoke!”

A Relaxing Heart

Yesterday, I showed my parents this picture that I took of a book cover in a store window, while strolling in the downtown core. The caption that I gave to this picture was “The happiest man I have seen in town today”; to which my parents replied, “We want you to the happiest person, whoContinue reading “A Relaxing Heart”