Dream seems real yet lucid. It’s realness lies in the fact that the subject of our dream, whose presence can easily provoke a sense of familiarity and relatability that we all are accustomed to. Its lucidity creates a mirror effect, which is responsible for engendering our sadness, because what we “see” is so tangible yetContinue reading “Dream”

Chaotic Beauties

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Distance makes the hearts grow fonder. At times, what appears to be chaotic is in fact quite beautiful, if only we are willing enough to take a step back to observe the whole picture. What is considered to be chaotic is usually one of the manifestations ofContinue reading “Chaotic Beauties”

French Word Of The Day: Enceinte

Learning French isn’t easy! Here’s why: Example: Enceinte Noun: 1) Surrounding wall (Architecture); 2) Enclosure (Architecture); 3) Speaker (Stereo). Adjective: Pregnant.