Feeling Blessed

Another day is winding down. As I took a walk in the Queen’s Park Circle, I was so taken by one after another picture-worthy scenes that were in front of me. Breathing in the crispness in the air, I felt blessed to have a role to play at this natural moment of wonder.

What You Focus On Grows

This is a truth that many people believe in wholeheartedly. As one of those believers, though I’m far from being able to live out this belief in every instant of my life; however, I have certainly witnessed it at work. Toronto is a city, where a huge variety of languages are spoken. Even in aContinue reading “What You Focus On Grows”

An Unusual Visit

When we are young, we think that the world revolves around us. We are the centre of the Universe. Many among us don’t believe in spirituality. Many among us don’t believe that there is more than meets the eyes. Not until we acquire certain amount of maturity, then our belief of the worldly matters seemsContinue reading “An Unusual Visit”