May We Fly Away

May we fly away in our dream, to a place, where jealousy and anger don’t exist; May we fly away in our dream, to a place, where only those, who love us wholeheartedly, reside; May we fly away in our dream, to a place, where we are all given a chance to realize our mostContinue reading “May We Fly Away”

I Now Understand

When I was little, I always wondered why many ballads were either about how hard it was to find love or how tough it was to break up. Now as an adult, I have finally understood the motives, the feelings, and the inspirations behind those songs. Meet Up and break up are definitely not easy.Continue reading “I Now Understand”

Genuine Inspiration

Some people pretend to be inspirational, while others live to be inspirational. Genuine inspiration is long lasting and palpable. Death may take the physical body away, but the smile and the spirit of that inspirational person will forever live and be remembered in the heart and mind of those, who have been inspired.

Move Your Body

As I’ve learned from my weight loss journey, physical exercises and predominantly green-based diets are the ultimate way to maintain not only a desirable physical appearance, but also a confident inner state in the long run. Wishful thinking won’t do a thing. Commercial statement, such as “I can wear this belt all day and won’tContinue reading “Move Your Body”