Canada Life

Living a Canada Life isn’t all laughs and roses. Living a Canada Life isn’t all cheerful and happy. The dark clouds still linger. The thick fogs still envelop. All in the attempt to test us just how much we want to live a life that is wild and free.

Ultimate Sophistication

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication in life. Natural beauty, without the artificial layering of pretense, should be the beauty standard that we all appreciate and celebrate. When we have abundance in life, most of us, in times, tend to take it for granted. It is a snowy day in my beautiful city of Toronto. HavingContinue reading “Ultimate Sophistication”

Past Summer Day

It’s gray and rainy in Toronto today. The temporary rise of temperature has turned the city into a damp, muddy and melting ice rink. I can’t help but reminisce some of the beauties of this past summer. Looking at this image of a flower, which was taken by me on a humid day last year,Continue reading “Past Summer Day”