The World Is Not Going To Fall Apart

Don’t live your life so cautiously. Loosen up more. Be more carefree. Even though life is tough at times; however, you still need to keep your mood in check and adjust it adequately so that it won’t impact the quality of your, as well as your parents’ lives.” These are some valuable life lessons, whichContinue reading “The World Is Not Going To Fall Apart”

Blind Faith

I stumbled upon the concept of blind faith yesterday. Usually, what makes us have faith in whatever dream we have is knowing the fact that we have the ability to make it a reality. Knowledge and understanding of the truth give us faith, which then translates itself into unfaltering determination that motivates us to persevereContinue reading “Blind Faith”

A New Native Land

We are all humans. We all want to belong. In a world, where nothing is statically permanent, a sense of belonging is more than ever sought after. A sense of belonging is usually found in a communal context, in a common history and in a shared interest. That being said, in a city, such asContinue reading “A New Native Land”