A New Native Land

We are all humans. We all want to belong. In a world, where nothing is statically permanent, a sense of belonging is more than ever sought after. A sense of belonging is usually found in a communal context, in a common history and in a shared interest. That being said, in a city, such asContinue reading “A New Native Land”

Individual Viewpoint

Some may look at this image and say to themselves, “Fake bear,” while others may look at it and say, “Wow, that’s so cool and creative.” We all have our own way of interpreting what we see, what we hear, and what we sense. One is not better than another, because, after all, we areContinue reading “Individual Viewpoint”

Harvesting Wisdom In The Valley

If our life journey was a walk in the park, if our life journey was a smooth sail on the sea, would we ever harvest any wisdom from it? I recently started to be interested in reading Bruce Lee’s quotes. I found them simple yet profound. Had he not faced and needed to overcome soContinue reading “Harvesting Wisdom In The Valley”

Commitment One-On-One

Sometimes, when we are not as competitive and qualified as others are on paper, all we have left is our commitment. Commitment is not something that can be verbalized solely on our lips. Its impact is mainly made through our demonstration in real life. Making a commitment is easy, practicing and keeping it is not.Continue reading “Commitment One-On-One”

Making Room For Pedestrians

Does it take much to make room for other pedestrians in the street so that they can walk past without bumping into us with one of their shoulders or side of body? No! Since making room for other pedestrians isn’t at all a costly thing to do, why don’t we do it then? We don’tContinue reading “Making Room For Pedestrians”

Flawlessly Different

We are not flawless. Being humans, we are designed to be imperfect so that, through our lifetime, we can continue to learn and grow, while always feeling aspired to obtain that seemingly impossible perfection, whatever it may be. Although none of us are perfect; however, some among us appear to be so. The reason whyContinue reading “Flawlessly Different”

I Am Confused!

Sex sells! Using sex to sell products is no longer a shocking marketing strategy; rather, has become quite an acceptable one. In today’s world, music, cars, books, tourist attractions, things that don’t usually belong in the bedrooms, are all sexualized. Sex is a powerful, yet stigmatized moneymaking tool. It’s evident that in a highly sexualizedContinue reading “I Am Confused!”

Having More Than One Perspective

In those early years of my stay in Canada, I wished that I were born in this country. My desperation to assimilate into the mainstream society made me want to be rid of my foreign upbringing and everything that I’d learned along the way. A decade later, having gotten enough Canadian experiences under my belt,Continue reading “Having More Than One Perspective”