The Morning After

Sunday, this is the morning after 2015 Valentine’s Day. And it just happens to be perhaps the coldest day of the year. The temperature hovers around the minus twenty-three mark at its highest. Frigidity brings physical closeness. People hold on tight to each other not only for love and comfort, but also for instinctual survivalContinue reading “The Morning After”

Love Is Never Far Away

我爱你!I Love You! Je t’aime! These are the three words, which will be heard countless times across the globe, starting from today till tomorrow. Love is a beautiful thing. Although it is beautiful; however, it is not exclusively gifted in between lovers. We give love to ourselves. We give love to our family. We giveContinue reading “Love Is Never Far Away”


Je me sens aimé d’aujourd’hui. L’amour, qui se répand abondamment en l’air, en cette journée, remplie d’amour me touche profondément. Bien que les récompense monétaires et matérielles soient essentielles pour assurer la progression positive de notre vie quotidienne, c’est l’amour dont on a besoin pour qu’on puisse se sentir fondamentalement apprécié à la fin deContinue reading “Aimé”

Awesome Life Tip

Wonder what to get your loved one for Valentine’s Day? Having enough with the conventional, pocket-draining ideas, such as chocolates, red roses, and jewelries, how about returning to the basics by showing more care to the one, with whom you are involved in a intimate relationship? How about making the way, in which you conveyContinue reading “Awesome Life Tip”