I Do Not Understand Life…

I do not understand life, no matter how many times I have tried. Maybe, life is not meant to be understood in its totality, because if it was that easy to grasp its grandiose depth and width, where would all those articulate reflection and heartfelt retrospection come from? That being said, I do wish thatContinue reading “I Do Not Understand Life…”

I Don’t Have What He Has

Some say the past was better. Time was just simpler back then. One did not need a university degree to get a stable job. Career opportunities were abundantly rich, and the environment was a lot less coated by layers and layers of pollutants. Some say the present is better. When tragedies strike, there are resourcesContinue reading “I Don’t Have What He Has”

What Makes A Place Feel Like Home?

Does concrete jungle make a place feel like home? To some, the answer is yes. To me? Not entirely. Does strong economic growth make a place look like home? To some, the answer is still yes. To me? Not completely. In my opinion, what makes a place feel like home is ultimately measured and determinedContinue reading “What Makes A Place Feel Like Home?”

Commitment One-On-One

Sometimes, when we are not as competitive and qualified as others are on paper, all we have left is our commitment. Commitment is not something that can be verbalized solely on our lips. Its impact is mainly made through our demonstration in real life. Making a commitment is easy, practicing and keeping it is not.Continue reading “Commitment One-On-One”

Invisible Barrier

Have you ever had thoughts as such ” I can’t date him, because he is way out of my league” or ” She won’t go out with me, because I am only five foot nine inches tall. All of the guys, with whom she had gone out were at least six feet”? Our personal perceptionContinue reading “Invisible Barrier”


Stereotypes can be so misleading. Stereotypes are never a just representation of any culture. By acting out or verbalizing stereotypes, what gets revealed is not the truth of the target; rather, the ignorance and limited worldview of the people, who are doing the stereotyping.