Am I Good Enough?

I oftentimes wonder, whether or not, that I am good enough to talk to certain people-the ones that I look up to for what they look like, for what they have accomplished, personally and professionally, or for the very matter of fact that they are in a position to offer me an opportunity, which canContinue reading “Am I Good Enough?”

A Chapel Visit

Life isn’t fair, but the good people will win in the end. This is a line that stuck with me from a commencement speech, given by a prominent TV personality in Montreal to the graduates of Concordia University. This sentence reminds me of my maternal grandmother, who had recently passed away, as well as ofContinue reading “A Chapel Visit”

Company Of My Family

Having been living all alone on my own, I have forgotten what is like to enjoy the company of my family. My uncle is in town to visit me for two days. The joy that I’ve been feeling is unexpectedly uplifting and thrilling. There’s honestly no replacement for the deep and profound connection that weContinue reading “Company Of My Family”