On-air Snobbery And Self-righteousness

I love watching various talk shows. As much as I am amused by this genre of programming, I am also, at times, made frustrated by the on-air personalities’ hypocrisies. Talk show hosts love to be opinionated on the hot topics of the day. In discussing headlines, while judging people that are involved in them, condescendingContinue reading “On-air Snobbery And Self-righteousness”

Have Sympathy

When you hear a foreigner try to communicate in your mother tongue with a heavy accent, do you judge him or her silently in your head, or do you hold a level of sympathy in your heart for that person? Learning a foreign language is never an easy task. One’s linguistic predisposition and learning capacitiesContinue reading “Have Sympathy”

The Social, The Changing Media Landscape In Canada

Do you like to watch talk show? I do, because it’s my way of learning a new language and digging into a particular culture. CTV has launched, on September 2nd, a new talk show, called The Social. It’s a socially interactive talk show, which is brought to fruition through the effective use of various socialContinue reading “The Social, The Changing Media Landscape In Canada”