May Day Contemplation

What was once elusive will eventually become one of the ordinaries. Personal experiences are the culprit in rendering a sense of day-to-day ordinariness to an object or a person that was once considered to be a myth or a legend, whose rarity and distance tended to conjure up an irresistible attraction that flamed the fireContinue reading “May Day Contemplation”

Can We Really Have It All?

Can we really have it all? Yes, because this is the reality for some. No, because this is only a wishful thinking for others. On this Planet Earth, not only do we have Paris Hilton of the world, whose privileged upbringing allows them to lounge, when summer comes, on the sunny beaches of Ibiza, butContinue reading “Can We Really Have It All?”

Spare A Change

I walked by a Starbucks and heard a homeless woman begging the passing crowd for money. “Spare a change. Spare a change.” I wanted to spare a change, but soon realized that I was not a millionaire, who had got pockets full of change to spare easily. Some may consider giving away a buck orContinue reading “Spare A Change”

We Don’t Know Why

I heard on radio this morning that a woman without legal documents in France had to work as a prostitute to make a living. I then saw a man in a subway train, where he walked from one end to another all alone and dirty, while making weird noises along the way that disturbed someContinue reading “We Don’t Know Why”


The clock is ticking, when we notice it. The clock is ticking, even when we are unaware of it. Many marches can be stopped, except for the one of time. Many people believe that time is of the essence in everything they do, because it is. No power in our world can permanently freeze theContinue reading “Ticking”

Kids Do Need Their Own Privacy

What is like having so much space to oneself in a big house? I often wonder. Growing up in an apartment, where relatives would come by for meals on a daily basis, I’d never really felt that my personal privacy was respected by the adults in the family. Maybe they thought that kids didn’t needContinue reading “Kids Do Need Their Own Privacy”

One Shovel At A Time

I saw this man the other day. He was doing his best to chart a path in the snow. Although the task was physically and mentally taxing; although the danger signs were everywhere; however, he persevered, knowing well that a walkable path could be made possible if he was committed and determined to complete theContinue reading “One Shovel At A Time”

Rest Your Racing Heart

Rest your racing heart! It races, because you let it know that you are feeling insecure of who you are; It races, because you give it hint that you are worried about your lonely life; It races, because it can feel your concern of being left behind by the world; It races, because it keepsContinue reading “Rest Your Racing Heart”