City Busyness

Living in a busy city, many of us probably are not aware of just how busy we all are. Busyness is a measurement of speed also a way of life in the big city. Our legitimate identity as city dwellers implies not only our capability to lead our lives at the speed of city’s heartbeat,Continue reading “City Busyness”

What It Actually Is

Be in the Now. Enjoy the tranquility. As our brain races with time, it seems almost lazy for us to be as one with what’s in front of us. We see green lawn when there is actually white snow in front of us. We see departure when there is actually unification before our eyes. IContinue reading “What It Actually Is”

Early November Morning

As I lie here in bed, enjoying the peace and quiet of the early November morning, the nothingness in the air intrigues me. No more loud noises of the lawn mowers, raging back and forth incessantly outside of my apartment windows. The early November morning does bring with it not only fresher morning breeze, butContinue reading “Early November Morning”