Is Santa Real?

Is Santa real? If there was never a man, who would shower good kids, around the world, with gifts of their preference during the holiday seasons, why then do parents keep making their kids believe in someone, who has never been in existence, for centuries? Why do parents buy the gifts, put them under theContinue reading “Is Santa Real?”

Needed Bonding Time

Living in a patriarch society, we often hear that a man’s place is not in the kitchen. Due to this biased, patriarchal tradition, men are raised and taught to go out to the world to work so that their families can be supported. If we have lived for awhile, we all know that we canContinue reading “Needed Bonding Time”

Chinese Red Lanterns

Countless Chinese red lanterns are hung, throughout the world, to welcome in and to celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Goat. Each red lantern represents a hope. Each red lantern symbolizes a dream. Hopes and dreams are what we all wish for at the eve of a brand new cycle. We pray for prosperityContinue reading “Chinese Red Lanterns”

Eastern & Western Medicines

It doesn’t matter what our nationality is, it is fair to say that we are all very similar. Not only do we all need the basics to survive, but we also have aspiration and hopes for our loved ones, the world and ourselves. Although we share many similarities; however, we aren’t exactly the same. TheContinue reading “Eastern & Western Medicines”