Repetition makes us learn; Repetition forms habits; Repetition is the way of life; Repetition is the pattern of arts. We repeat the same information to ourselves to memorize it; We repeat the same routines in our lives to make us feel secure; We repeat the arches to construct architecture; And, we repeat the same seasonalContinue reading “Repetition”

Own Taste

I saw a man taking pictures underneath a big tree earlier this afternoon. It was a snowy day. Symmetrical flakes kept falling down from the cloudy sky since noon. As the man moved around in the winter wonderland, as he raised his camera, focused it on a particular object, then snapped, I wondered what inContinue reading “Own Taste”

At The Distance

There are moments in life that we just stare at the distance. We do so in different places. Quite often, staring at distance isn’t something that is planned in advance. Rather, it is a result of us immersing with the ambiance, going with the flow of life, and also of the fleeting steps of theContinue reading “At The Distance”


I go to a particular place, on every Tuesday evening, to donate my time and my effort, helping to make the city, in which I call home at the present moment a better place. On my way to the location, I would always pass this tower, where a thick cloud of white smoke blows out.Continue reading “Smoke”


Oftentimes in life, many of us feel like hanging by a thread, while doing our best to find our way. We do our best not to break down. We do our best not to give up. We do our best not to lose our precious smile. As much as we try, we are humans afterContinue reading “Hanging”

A Long Stair

We’ve all heard many describe life as a roller-coaster ride. I, at times, think it is more like a climb on a long stair that trails its path in a continuous upward and downward motion. Ride implies the smoothness of a journey, while climb denotes of a sense of manual labor and personal effort. HowContinue reading “A Long Stair”

I’m Intrigued

I sometimes wonder if people, who were born in cold climate, are more immune to chilly weather. I was born in a warm climate. Hence why I am always bundled up, from head to toe, whenever the temperatures drop. During the Canadian winter months, I frequently come across people, wearing only two layers of clothingContinue reading “I’m Intrigued”

Perfect Pair

How often do you see models that resemble your physical attributes in fashion campaigns? I often don’t. Hence why I stopped in the middle of the road to take this picture. In fashion, one skin color has been dominating the spotlight for centuries. Its privileged longevity continues to perpetuate and elevate, predominantly, one type ofContinue reading “Perfect Pair”