A Morning Walk

One of the most priceless gifts that we can ever give to our loved ones is to spend time with them. We can all offer this gift, yet not all of us are consciously aware of its accessibility, necessity, and essentiality. Spend time with your loved ones today. Time is fleeting.


Parents worry, at times, that their children don’t grow up fast enough. In wanting to squeeze the maturity out of their kids, parents purposely nudge their kids incessantly through uttering gentle words of caring in hopes of their worrisome messages are being conveyed successfully. Once the kids are mature, they themselves complain the fast passageContinue reading “Racing”


How do we know that we are wiser than before? We know it by us beginning to realize the importance of being choosy with our time. We become choosy with our time not because we want to be loners. We become choosy with our time not because we are stingy with our kindness. We becomeContinue reading “Choosy”


Time is the most valuable commodity and determinant of this world. The immeasurable nature of time determines the measurable nature of the material world. Having enough time to wait, the value of the material objects increases. Not having enough time to enjoy, the increased value of the material objects means nothing. Donating time to anContinue reading “Time”

A Different Take On New Year’s Resolution

Ever wonder why some of your new year’s resolution didn’t work in the past? Here might be the reason. According to author, Gerry Gavin, our brain, the master computer of our body, works within a different concept of time than our thoughts do. Our thoughts and brain are not the same. Thoughts are part ofContinue reading “A Different Take On New Year’s Resolution”


When we were little, many clichés didn’t make sense to us. We were incapable of understanding why inner beauty was more important than the outer one. We couldn’t comprehend why a lot of adults said “living is not easy.” And, we didn’t know why many people felt so lonely in a world, of which wasContinue reading “Clichés”