All truths are subjective. All truths are conditioned. What we consider to be true may just happen to be a laughing material in the mind of another person. We strive hard to hold onto our truths; in so doing, we run the risk of garnishing what is true to us with an allure of theContinue reading “Truths”


Fineness is in the details. Although many in today’s world are worshiping grandeur of all kinds as the standard of sexiness and attractiveness; however, it is the fineness of the small and the delicate that continues to exude a level of intricacy and attentiveness that nothing grandiose possesses. Grandeur isn’t indicative of true power andContinue reading “Fineness”

A Change Of Belief In Helping People, Who Lack Courtesy

Should we continue to help people, who rarely or never express any gratitude towards us for what we have done for them? I used to think that despite the lack of gratitude being shown, if we could, we should continue to help those in need. Now, I no longer uphold this belief in its entirety,Continue reading “A Change Of Belief In Helping People, Who Lack Courtesy”

I Failed At Something Today, Again!

I failed at something today, something that I loved so much. It wasn’t the first time that I failed at doing this thing. It wasn’t the second time that I failed at it. It was the fourth time. Some, in my predicament, would have given up this seemingly unattainable goal. I, on the other hand,Continue reading “I Failed At Something Today, Again!”