Too Sexy, Too Soon

Our world is a one that capitalizes, predominantly, on women’s sexuality. Taking a look at the most commonly used adjectives employed in pop culture, words, such as sexy, hot, and body-hugging, all seem to provide us with a glimpse into this long-existing socially habitual convention. The word, sexy, in particular, is a controversial one. OnContinue reading “Too Sexy, Too Soon”


With a surge of curiosity, we capture the force of nature; with a click of the finger, we eternalize a stranger’s moment in time; with a blink of the eye, we expand the pulse of a city; and, with a push of the lenses, we immortalize the fountain of youth. Photography is magical and storytelling;Continue reading “Photography”

Spare A Change

I walked by a Starbucks and heard a homeless woman begging the passing crowd for money. “Spare a change. Spare a change.” I wanted to spare a change, but soon realized that I was not a millionaire, who had got pockets full of change to spare easily. Some may consider giving away a buck orContinue reading “Spare A Change”

Winter Strides

One, two, three…one, two, three, a step at a time, we move closer to our final destination. The heavy winter boots may slow down our strides, the salt on the ground may create the noisy sound, the strong winter wind may blow forcefully to test our toughness, we still keep on walking, one, two, three…one,Continue reading “Winter Strides”

A Change Of Belief In Helping People, Who Lack Courtesy

Should we continue to help people, who rarely or never express any gratitude towards us for what we have done for them? I used to think that despite the lack of gratitude being shown, if we could, we should continue to help those in need. Now, I no longer uphold this belief in its entirety,Continue reading “A Change Of Belief In Helping People, Who Lack Courtesy”