Environmentalism Of The Mind

“Studying technology is like ‘environmentalism of the mind,’ the writer Clive Thompson says. Indeed, Sherry Turkle likens the perils of digital media to climate change: The upside is immediate, the worst problems are far off, and the industry lacks the incentive to change. Another popular analogy compares digital media to the food industry. ‘Just asContinue reading “Environmentalism Of The Mind”

Anecdote Of The Late Steve Jobs

Years ago, former French First Lady, Danielle Mitterrand, came to visit Apple factory in California while her husband, François Mitterrand, President of France was visiting other heads of state. Madam Mitterrand wanted to know if Apple factory employees were entitled to supplementary hours, a question, which annoyed the young Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs intentionally ignoredContinue reading “Anecdote Of The Late Steve Jobs”

Smartphone Users In The Street

Do you walk the public streets with your head held high, or with it down, fixating on your Smartphone screen like you own the streets that whoever happens to be in your proximity should automatically leave you with enough space to continue on with your journey? Smartphone has become a refuge for many people theseContinue reading “Smartphone Users In The Street”