A Poet’s Decision

Last night I met a poet, who worked in IT and considered writing poetry one of the few ways, through which he could interact with a larger group of people. I wanted to make him feel welcome in an environment, with which I was familiar. He reciprocated my courtesy by being actively engaged in ourContinue reading “A Poet’s Decision”


People habitually like to focus on the beginning and the end of a long journey, what is often left uncared for is the transitioning period in between different phases. Although Wise man teaches us to value the process more than the destination of a long journey; however, in reality, most people can not wait forContinue reading “Transitioning”

Not Willing To Let Go Yet

Applying for Canadian permanent residency has been the most tumultuous journey that I have ever been on. A process, which is, in comparison, a lot less demanding than the one in the U. S, that being said, more than seven years later, I am still nowhere near the final stage, where a period can beContinue reading “Not Willing To Let Go Yet”

Others’ Support

As we forge ahead along our life path, we will realize, sooner or later, that without having others’ support, we aren’t really going anywhere. Although we all have been told the power of positive thinking, although we all have heard that the sky is the limit; however, a lone ranger would be that much weakerContinue reading “Others’ Support”

True Friends

Back in high school, my dad once overheard a phone conversation that I had with a good friend of mine, at the time. During the conversation, my friend and I used funny nicknames to address each other, which was something that my dad disapproved of and considered disrespectful. He whispered to me while I wasContinue reading “True Friends”