Lesson I Learned Today

When Dwight D. Eisenhower was eight or nine, he wanted to go trick or treating on Halloween. Unfortunately, his mother didn’t allow him to. As a result, he threw a temper tantrum, and punched a tree in the front yard. He punched it so hard that skin on his fingers was torn apart. Eisenhower’s momContinue reading “Lesson I Learned Today”

I Want To Be A Youtuber

I want to revamp my YouTube channel. I want to make it a success. However; my uneasiness of looking at myself in the video has not really served me well at the beginning of this renewed adventure. I am particularly critical of examining myself. From my eyes to my lips, from my facial expressions toContinue reading “I Want To Be A Youtuber”

Hart House Wanderer

Wandering around in hart house Toronto, I am often mesmerized by the small architectural details of this building. Being one of the most well-known downtown cultural hubs, the ambiance of hart house is infused with a richness of creativities. Most of us celebrate academic geniuses for their academic accomplishments, of which are usually glorified toContinue reading “Hart House Wanderer”

So Smile

Having worked in customer service and to deal with others, who work in it on a daily basis, I often wonder what is one basic thing that I would always require my employees to do at work if I ever were put in a position to manage a bunch of people in this industry. NowContinue reading “So Smile”

A Point In Life

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life, where it seems like people around you are moving on with their lives one way or another, and you are the only one, who is turning in a circle, not knowing how your future is going to unfold? I am at such a point currentlyContinue reading “A Point In Life”

2015 New York Fashion Week Latest “It” Girl

New York Fashion Week found its newest “It” girl. She wasn’t Naomi or Giselle. She wasn’t the popular fashion blogger or the young designer, whose debut collection galvanized the entire industry. The latest “It” girl of the fashion week extravaganza was Harper Beckham. Who? For those of you, who are unfamiliar with this girl, sheContinue reading “2015 New York Fashion Week Latest “It” Girl”

How To Be Inspirational

I did a speech last night. One member of the audience came up to me afterwards and said, ” You are so inspirational!” While feeling extremely flattered by his kind words, I took the opportunity to remind him that being someone inspirational was not a goal that was difficult to accomplish. Being someone inspirational isContinue reading “How To Be Inspirational”

Thought For The Day

A well-known TV doctor recently said, “When my team and I got together to strategize for future shows, I told them that I don’t want success anymore. We had success. I want to have significance.” I surely understood the message that he was trying to convey in his statement. He wanted to give back toContinue reading “Thought For The Day”

Accomplissements Ou Défaites Personelles?

Si vous aviez la chance de vous présenter dans un discours publique, parleriez vous des accomplissements ou des défaites personnelles? La majorité des gens choisiront les moments, qui ont fait leur vie briller; autrement dit, les accomplissements personnels. Il n’y a sûrement aucun problème de se vanter, les récompenses de tous les efforts; cela dit,Continue reading “Accomplissements Ou Défaites Personelles?”