Two Lamp Afterthought

Two lamps are hanging from the ceiling. The difference in length of the hanging chain wire inspires me. At times, life is all about hanging on and holding onto what we want. Some people persevere and hold onto their dreams longer, they succeed. And some give up on them too easily due to fatigue andContinue reading “Two Lamp Afterthought”

Different Dogs, Different Lives

If you have ever been to some small cities in countries, such as China, you would probably be heartbroken by the sight of more than ten puppies jammed and cramped into a cage, waiting to be purchased by onlookers. The horrific hygienic condition, in which those puppies spend the most vulnerable period of their lives,Continue reading “Different Dogs, Different Lives”

I’m Doing Okay

Does what we say honestly reflect how we feel on the inside? As a kid, I was taught to greet strangers with “How do you do?” and friends with “How are you?” Nowadays, no longer do we have a clear distinction between the usage of these two expressions, both of which are meant to seekContinue reading “I’m Doing Okay”