I just saw a picture on Facebook. It featured an acquaintance of mine and his French bulldog puppy. He looked so happy in the picture, while the puppy came across as somewhat mischievous. I guess all puppies are all mischievous, to a certain degree, because they are not yet fully trained to follow the rulesContinue reading “BFF”

Clogged Drainage Pipe

My parents always teach me that I should strive to have a task well completed at the first try. Otherwise, the costs and energies required for the completion of the task would increase. Yesterday, a maintenance staff of my building came to my apartment to help solve the leakage problem at the bottom of myContinue reading “Clogged Drainage Pipe”

Street Name And Street Corner

Street name has meaning. A street can be named after a well-known person to eternalize his or her contribution to the city. A street can also be named after a famous place or event in a country’s cultural history to commemorate a particular moment in time. Toronto has many interesting street names and corners thatContinue reading “Street Name And Street Corner”