Small Yet Kind

I am grateful for the small yet kind gestures of others. May it be a simple “Hello, how are you?” or, a courteous move of lending someone a plunger when the toilet bowl is clogged with pepper towels, small yet kind gestures are, oftentimes, underrated. There is a common thread that has been consistently weavingContinue reading “Small Yet Kind”

Compete; Then, Stop Doing It

Most of us were raised to be competitive. We were conditioned into thinking that if we were not just as good as the boy or the girl sitting next to us in class, we would be punished by our parents or teachers, and be spending half of our summer break in school. We were trainedContinue reading “Compete; Then, Stop Doing It”

The Biggest Challenge In Adulthood

We are in the beginning of August; a time, where countless people are still enjoying their summer time off. Having not had a real vacation for a long time, I have almost forgotten what is like to be fully soaked up in the summer vibe, worry free. I have tried hard to soak up theContinue reading “The Biggest Challenge In Adulthood”

A Guy In The Street

I just saw a guy walking down the street, while talking to himself. He swaggered as if he was the king of the street and rapped to the beat in his head. His eccentricity singled him out immediately from the crowd. In the eyes of many people, he was a socially and financially disadvantaged person,Continue reading “A Guy In The Street”


Dream seems real yet lucid. It’s realness lies in the fact that the subject of our dream, whose presence can easily provoke a sense of familiarity and relatability that we all are accustomed to. Its lucidity creates a mirror effect, which is responsible for engendering our sadness, because what we “see” is so tangible yetContinue reading “Dream”

I Can Not Change My Past

The person that I am today is not the same as the one from a few years ago. I often wish that I could turn back time to rewrite my personal histories. Knowing what I am capable of nowadays makes this particular desire of mine even stronger. I wonder how different my life would haveContinue reading “I Can Not Change My Past”

Spare A Change

I walked by a Starbucks and heard a homeless woman begging the passing crowd for money. “Spare a change. Spare a change.” I wanted to spare a change, but soon realized that I was not a millionaire, who had got pockets full of change to spare easily. Some may consider giving away a buck orContinue reading “Spare A Change”

Parent’s Effort

If you are from a middle-class family in Asia, the possibility of you going abroad to further your studies is huge. Oftentimes, Asian parents would ask their children, who are abroad, to combine the East with the West in all aspects of life, because, according to them, a combination as such will surely give theirContinue reading “Parent’s Effort”

Cheap And Practical

I bought a pair of H&M sunglasses over this past weekend. Plus taxes, the total came to fourteen dollars. The sun is shining brightly in Toronto. The summer season is definitely here. What strikes me about wearing this pair of sunglasses, versus other pairs that I own, is how carefree and comfortable I feel. NotContinue reading “Cheap And Practical”

A Chapel Visit

Life isn’t fair, but the good people will win in the end. This is a line that stuck with me from a commencement speech, given by a prominent TV personality in Montreal to the graduates of Concordia University. This sentence reminds me of my maternal grandmother, who had recently passed away, as well as ofContinue reading “A Chapel Visit”