Keep Getting Knocked Down

When I keep getting knocked down, again and again, by factors and elements that are not in my control, I wonder how far back and how deep I can fall. Going with the flow is hard. Grabbing on to the unforeseeable string of changing tides is even harder. Many people decide to give up onContinue reading “Keep Getting Knocked Down”

My Writer’s Block

The reason why some bloggers stop writing is due to their lack of inspiration. They call it writer’s block. I have not posted a word entry for some time, not because of my lack of discovery of the things and people that intrigue me in my everyday life; rather, all because of my dealing with,Continue reading “My Writer’s Block”

Minuscule Story Of The Day

Have you ever thought to yourself that since most people in the big city are too involved in their own universes, your small gestures of public courtesies will likely not be noticed by the ones, to whom you show, and therefore, why bother showing any, even if it is required by the circumstance? Earlier thisContinue reading “Minuscule Story Of The Day”

Beliefs In Words

Do we have to believe in certain tradition or ideology before we are willing enough to share it publicly with others using our words? Maybe not one hundred percent, that being said, I do think that we do have to find personal resonance in our thoughts, at various degrees, before allowing ourselves to convey themContinue reading “Beliefs In Words”

A Reason To Labor My Exhaustion Till The End

Today is a heavy day. I feel like a true adult today, because life’s ups and downs, hard decisions, and unfairness have genuinely weighed me down and pushed my spirit deep in the rut. In times of frustration and uneasiness, all of my childhood aspirations and principles that I set for myself can easily beContinue reading “A Reason To Labor My Exhaustion Till The End”

A Poet’s Decision

Last night I met a poet, who worked in IT and considered writing poetry one of the few ways, through which he could interact with a larger group of people. I wanted to make him feel welcome in an environment, with which I was familiar. He reciprocated my courtesy by being actively engaged in ourContinue reading “A Poet’s Decision”

The Largest Human Organ

In recent months,  I have learned that the biggest organ on a human body is our skin. This revelation came as a surprising yet not so surprising discovery, considering the conventionally revered human organs, such as our heart, bladder, brain and so on, are all enveloped in it. Due to its all-encompassing coverage, one wouldContinue reading “The Largest Human Organ”

Getting “Likes”

We share bits and pieces of our lives for different reasons on social media platforms. Some of us do it for vanity reason, while others do it simply because they are more into the actual experience of the process. Regardless of the reason why we decide to put a selfie, a tweet, a blog postContinue reading “Getting “Likes””

What Makes A Place Feel Like Home?

Does concrete jungle make a place feel like home? To some, the answer is yes. To me? Not entirely. Does strong economic growth make a place look like home? To some, the answer is still yes. To me? Not completely. In my opinion, what makes a place feel like home is ultimately measured and determinedContinue reading “What Makes A Place Feel Like Home?”


People habitually like to focus on the beginning and the end of a long journey, what is often left uncared for is the transitioning period in between different phases. Although Wise man teaches us to value the process more than the destination of a long journey; however, in reality, most people can not wait forContinue reading “Transitioning”