Words+Action=Good Reputation

Maintaining a good reputation in the eyes of others takes promising words and consistent action in order to showcase our dependability and trustworthiness. Empty promise is the fastest way to destroy a reputation that we might have spent a long time building. There’s a guy in my public speaking club. When I first met himContinue reading “Words+Action=Good Reputation”

No Lunch Is For Free

Quite often, we are told that we can get our day mapped out in advance so that it can unfold according to our wishes. Although we can certainly prioritize what needs to get done in a chronological order; however, there are unexpected events that take place throughout the day that no advanced planning could haveContinue reading “No Lunch Is For Free”

Value Of Money

A twelve-dollar movie ticket is a luxury. Years ago, a friend of mine told me that her aunt didn’t frequent movie cinema often, because it was too expensive. I was in disbelief. Like many teenagers, I didn’t understand the value of a total of twelve dollars. A decade later now, I do. Spending one orContinue reading “Value Of Money”

Dinner With Mr. Know It All

On last Friday evening, I had dinner with a Mr. Know it all. The experience was anything else but enlightening. It was frankly quite boring, to say the least. There were four people at the table. Mr. Know it all started his talk by engaging predominantly with one senior person that he deemed was worthContinue reading “Dinner With Mr. Know It All”

I Don’t Want To Turn Back Time

Many of us wish to have the power to turn back time, so much so that incalculable amount of money is willingly spent on tricks and methods; each and every year, notably in the realm of technology and cosmetics, to hold onto this seemingly impossible obsession of ours. This obsession is partly flamed by theContinue reading “I Don’t Want To Turn Back Time”

Anecdote Of The Late Steve Jobs

Years ago, former French First Lady, Danielle Mitterrand, came to visit Apple factory in California while her husband, François Mitterrand, President of France was visiting other heads of state. Madam Mitterrand wanted to know if Apple factory employees were entitled to supplementary hours, a question, which annoyed the young Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs intentionally ignoredContinue reading “Anecdote Of The Late Steve Jobs”

Stay Cool, Calm And Collected

When things go wrong, the worse reaction that we can have is anger. Anger is like a gas. It doesn’t tame the fire; instead, fuels it. If we react angrily to the unexpected surprises that derail our original plans, we can easily lose our composure, and become stuttered. The loss of our cool, and calmContinue reading “Stay Cool, Calm And Collected”