Au revoir 2016

Au revoir 2016, c’est la dernière soirée que tu n’es d’ici qu’avec moi. Tu m’as tant changé tout au long de ton séjour, et Je n’en suis pas sûr s’il était pour le meilleur ou pour le pire. Au revoir 2016, c’est le temps de partir pour toi. En ayant voyagé avec toi, j’ai exploréContinue reading “Au revoir 2016”

A Weirdo Like Me

Is it possible to be born into one culture but be more in love with another? Is it OK to grow up, speaking one language, but feel more natural, contemplating and self-expressing in another later on in life? I know these two questions paint a portrayal of bizarreness in the mind of some, and IContinue reading “A Weirdo Like Me”


I just saw a picture on Facebook. It featured an acquaintance of mine and his French bulldog puppy. He looked so happy in the picture, while the puppy came across as somewhat mischievous. I guess all puppies are all mischievous, to a certain degree, because they are not yet fully trained to follow the rulesContinue reading “BFF”

Playing The Comparison Game

Recently, I had a conversation with my mom, during which I let her know the education system and societal environment that I grew up in deprived me a sense of free-spiritedness. It was a difficult yet honest confession that was needed at the time to bring new understandings into our distant relationship. Throughout my growingContinue reading “Playing The Comparison Game”

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Have you been told not to sweat the small stuff? I am sure you have. I have, too. I am sure that almost all grown-ups have been told, at some point of our lives, that letting small, and insignificant annoyances disturb our peace of mind is just not worth it. If it is not aContinue reading “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff”

Is Santa Real?

Is Santa real? If there was never a man, who would shower good kids, around the world, with gifts of their preference during the holiday seasons, why then do parents keep making their kids believe in someone, who has never been in existence, for centuries? Why do parents buy the gifts, put them under theContinue reading “Is Santa Real?”

A Forced Future

What is a forced future? A forced future is a future that is imposed upon us either by destiny; elements that are just simply out of our control or by people that we encounter in our lives, who have the foresight, resources, or power that we do not possess to influence, and subsequently determine theContinue reading “A Forced Future”

I Don’t Have What He Has

Some say the past was better. Time was just simpler back then. One did not need a university degree to get a stable job. Career opportunities were abundantly rich, and the environment was a lot less coated by layers and layers of pollutants. Some say the present is better. When tragedies strike, there are resourcesContinue reading “I Don’t Have What He Has”

Life In Video

Some people videotape their lives as memories, while others do so simply to make a living. Some people videotape their lives out of youthful innocence and curiosity, while others do so without having any piece of premonition of what the future would bring, under the influence of their youthful endeavor. Looking back on our livesContinue reading “Life In Video”