The Largest Human Organ

In recent months,  I have learned that the biggest organ on a human body is our skin. This revelation came as a surprising yet not so surprising discovery, considering the conventionally revered human organs, such as our heart, bladder, brain and so on, are all enveloped in it. Due to its all-encompassing coverage, one wouldContinue reading “The Largest Human Organ”

Figure Skating & Water

I just re-watched Patrick Chan’s spectacular performance at last year’s Figure Skating World Championship in Paris, France. I couldn’t help but be blown way again by the elegance, classiness and strength of this sport. In North American culture, figure skating is still considered as a feminine sport in the mind of many people. The charmingContinue reading “Figure Skating & Water”


Survey is an effective means to determine the pattern and tendency of a particular group of subject. It is also a stereotype and generalization producing tool. Quite often, the preferences, opinions, and interests of a small number of people can, through survey result, be blown out of proportion and become representative, in mainstream medias, ofContinue reading “Survey”

Une Femme Politique

Quand on croise quelqu’un inspirant par hasard, il est difficile de ne s’être pas fasciné complètement par cette personne là. Très souvent, on peut s’identifier, d’une manière ou d’autre, avec cette sorte de personne là dont les succès nous non seulement inspirent , mais aussi motivent à atteindre les mêmes hauts niveaux d’excellence comme elleContinue reading “Une Femme Politique”


Stereotypes can be so misleading. Stereotypes are never a just representation of any culture. By acting out or verbalizing stereotypes, what gets revealed is not the truth of the target; rather, the ignorance and limited worldview of the people, who are doing the stereotyping.  

Be A Gent In Bro Talk

Years ago, I was on the second of a three step job interview for a sales position that I was applying for. My then manager and I had to drive to various small towns near Niagara Falls to sell, from door to door, an all inclusive season golf package. During our travel, the manager askedContinue reading “Be A Gent In Bro Talk”