Watch What’s Coming Out Of Our Mouth

On this past Tuesday evening, I was in the audience, listening to a humorous speech, during which the speaker spoke about the evolution of his relationship with his younger sister. To create comical effect, the speaker slipped in a commonly heard statement, ” Women can be so dramatic at times.” Knowing that there were femalesContinue reading “Watch What’s Coming Out Of Our Mouth”

Leaders Should Lead, In All Ways

Adults are supposed to be modeling good behaviors. Adults are supposed to be setting good examples for youngsters to emulate. As someone, who’s been following the Toronto Mayoral race debates, I am appalled and disappointed by some of the revelatory instances over the course of these past few weeks. 1) Bad choice of words/Name calling.Continue reading “Leaders Should Lead, In All Ways”

Be Yourself! But, Don’t Take It Too Far

If we were to ask those, who have successfully made a name for themselves online in this digital era of social medias, “How did you obtain your success?” They would probably say to us, “Just be yourself, because there is no other human being, who has the singular voice like yours.” A piece of goodContinue reading “Be Yourself! But, Don’t Take It Too Far”

A Teacher’s Confession

I was at a gathering last night, where one of the friends candidly shared the challenges that she sometimes faced as a female teacher. She spoke about the lack of respect, being given to her by some male students, due to her being a different gender. Education of respect starts from home. If a boyContinue reading “A Teacher’s Confession”

Look Beyond The Skin Color

When you speak the same language as those, who are from different ethnic backgrounds, you tend to look beyond the skin color. You tend to realize just how similar we all are underneath it all. We all have the similar needs and wants. We all have aspiration and setback in life. All we want inContinue reading “Look Beyond The Skin Color”

Marrying People Sans Fame Is Not A Noble Act

When is it that becoming a celebrity makes a person not ordinary? Why is it that when a famed person marries someone without public recognition makes him or her look extraordinary? Should someone sans fame feel grateful when he or she marries a celebrity, who doesn’t care about his or her ordinariness, and whose actContinue reading “Marrying People Sans Fame Is Not A Noble Act”