Real Smile

Sitting in front of my laptop and watching my favorite reality competition shows on YouTube, I oftentimes catch myself smiling with some of the show contestants, who have been a winner of their respective challenges. I smile with them, because I know how difficult it is to be a stand out in the crowd. IContinue reading “Real Smile”

So Smile

Having worked in customer service and to deal with others, who work in it on a daily basis, I often wonder what is one basic thing that I would always require my employees to do at work if I ever were put in a position to manage a bunch of people in this industry. NowContinue reading “So Smile”

A Guard Dog

To have a bit of fun in life is easy. We don’t have to spend tons of our nickels and dimes to get our groove on.  To be a bit of creative is not daunting. All we need is to firstly put our nagging self to rest for a few minutes so that we canContinue reading “A Guard Dog”


Oftentimes in life, many of us feel like hanging by a thread, while doing our best to find our way. We do our best not to break down. We do our best not to give up. We do our best not to lose our precious smile. As much as we try, we are humans afterContinue reading “Hanging”

A Smile In The Neighborhood

It was a chaotic scene in Yorkville today. An old building, which had witnessed the evolution of Toronto, through the decades, was being torn down. Walking in the neighborhood, tension, frustration, and impatience could easily be felt in the air. As I continued with my stroll, I noticed a smiley face across the street. ItContinue reading “A Smile In The Neighborhood”

Put On A Smile

Working in a customer service industry, one of the essential abilities is smile. Everyone in this industry has this ability. Do all of them put it to use so that they can come across as someone competent in their job? No! Customer is always right. Customer service industry is all about serving people. Whoever worksContinue reading “Put On A Smile”