A Positive Attitude Helps Lessen Inevitable Suffering

We often hear people say that what causes the most suffering in life isn’t due to what happened to us; rather, how we handle the situation. In other words, the kind of attitude that we have in times of difficulty determines the level of suffering that we have to endure. I recently said goodbye toContinue reading “A Positive Attitude Helps Lessen Inevitable Suffering”

How Are You? Fine…Really???

“How are you?” “Good! And you?” “Do you really want to know?” I haven’t been honest in telling people; in particular with my family, how I truly feel for a while. This is neither due to the reason that I don’t have the desire to share with them my feelings nor due to my impressionContinue reading “How Are You? Fine…Really???”

Ma Famille Ne Me Comprend Pas

Je me sens extrêmement triste en ce moment. Le manque de compréhensions de part familiale, aggravé par les fardeaux de la vie quotidienne me font chuter dans un trou profond. Je déteste de voir les gens que j’aime crier en face de moi, car, selon moi, ce n’est pas une bonne façon de me montrerContinue reading “Ma Famille Ne Me Comprend Pas”