Climbing Stairs

We climb stairs everyday. Some of us do it for exercises, while others do it out of necessity and practicality. Looking at the stair-climbing experience through a pair of positive lenses, we understand the health and psychological benefits that come as a reward of staying physically active. Looking at the stair-climbing experience negatively, we can’tContinue reading “Climbing Stairs”

I Despise My Own Arrogance

As I go along with my daily life, as I am gaining more self-confidence, I can’t help but also come to notice and to despise the increase of my arrogance. My arrogance usually manifests itself in the form of anger and judgment, which can be awakened, easily and irrationally, by the smallest things others doContinue reading “I Despise My Own Arrogance”

A Pop Culturist’s Take On The Greatest Love Of All

Today, I would like to write about an obvious yet neglected, an embarrassing yet enticing, a common yet bewildering, and a touching yet mockery-provoking subject, that is self-love. Self-love is not narcissism. Self-love isn’t the kind of excessive self-centeredness, exemplified so perfectly by countless bikini babes and shirtless hunks on Instagram. Self-love simply is, inContinue reading “A Pop Culturist’s Take On The Greatest Love Of All”

Is It Ever Okay To Tell A Lie

Is it ever OK to tell a lie? Most of us would probably say, ” No, it is never OK to be a liar. Being honest is the least we can do to respect others and us.” Well said! Nice response! That being said, in practice, do we all practice what we preach? No! ItContinue reading “Is It Ever Okay To Tell A Lie”


Being a trailblazer isn’t an easy task, because whoever takes on this particular role tends to be the one, who carries the weight of the world on the shoulders. Being a trailblazer is about debunking the stereotypes and setting good examples so that those, who come after, can have an aspiring model to look upContinue reading “Trailblazer”

Have Sympathy

When you hear a foreigner try to communicate in your mother tongue with a heavy accent, do you judge him or her silently in your head, or do you hold a level of sympathy in your heart for that person? Learning a foreign language is never an easy task. One’s linguistic predisposition and learning capacitiesContinue reading “Have Sympathy”