Event Afterthought

How to ensure a successfully run event? The answer is simple, beforehand communication from the event organizer with every helper of the event, in a thorough, clear, and concise manner, is the key. If the event has a host, both of the event organizer and the host should be fully clear on the entire runContinue reading “Event Afterthought”

A Roller Coaster Ride

Experiencing something new is like riding a roller coaster. There are the ups, and the downs. The ups bring us excitingly new perspective. The downs demand us for needed self-contemplation and learning. To ride through the process and arrive at the final destination, faith, bravery and unwavering commitment are needed; in particular at times, whenContinue reading “A Roller Coaster Ride”

Being You Is Simple

Being you is simple. Although it is simple; however, being you requires more than just the talking. It also needs the doing. In my opinion, being you is about talking about your passion openly, and putting it into practice consistently. It is through talking about your passion that you let others know who you are.Continue reading “Being You Is Simple”

Having More Than One Perspective

In those early years of my stay in Canada, I wished that I were born in this country. My desperation to assimilate into the mainstream society made me want to be rid of my foreign upbringing and everything that I’d learned along the way. A decade later, having gotten enough Canadian experiences under my belt,Continue reading “Having More Than One Perspective”

Have Sympathy

When you hear a foreigner try to communicate in your mother tongue with a heavy accent, do you judge him or her silently in your head, or do you hold a level of sympathy in your heart for that person? Learning a foreign language is never an easy task. One’s linguistic predisposition and learning capacitiesContinue reading “Have Sympathy”

The Ones Who Are Meant For Us

What do you think of when you see the quote, written on top of the attached image? Many of you may instantly think of a person, with whom you are involved in an intimate relationship. After all, this is what the image is trying project to its readers. In my case, for some personal reasons,Continue reading “The Ones Who Are Meant For Us”