Forever Is A Long Time

Are of us meant to be spending our whole life with people that we love? Is our promise to be by each other’s side till deaths do us apart the best way to prolong a lifetime of eternal happiness? Or rather, should we change the way we think, habitually, by becoming more realistic about theContinue reading “Forever Is A Long Time”

I Don’t Want To Turn Back Time

Many of us wish to have the power to turn back time, so much so that incalculable amount of money is willingly spent on tricks and methods; each and every year, notably in the realm of technology and cosmetics, to hold onto this seemingly impossible obsession of ours. This obsession is partly flamed by theContinue reading “I Don’t Want To Turn Back Time”

Wil Wheaton’s Response To A Little Girl On How He Coped With Being Called A Nerd

Life Begins Where Fear Ends

I just found this wallpaper in the Creative category of a free wallpaper iPhone app.  It is true that life begins where fear ends, only if this change in real life could be as seemingly easy and quick as these words suggest. Will fear ever end? I don’t know the answer. Some believe that itContinue reading “Life Begins Where Fear Ends”

C’est La Vie

Il est impossible de prédire ce qui aura lieu demain. La vie est tellement mystérieuse et imprévisible que je ne me sens impuissant et sans indice. Parfois dans la vie, nous rencontrons ceux et celles, qui, selon nous, ne sont pas aussi compétents que nous dans certains domaines de vie; cela dit, miraculeusement, ils orContinue reading “C’est La Vie”

Benefits Of Kale

1) Per calorie, kale has more calcium than milk. 2) One cup is filled with 10% of the RDA (Recommended daily/dietary allowance) of omega-3 fatty acids. 3) High in vitamin K. A diet high in Vitamin K can help protect against various cancers. 4) Per calorie, kale has more iron than beef. 5) High inContinue reading “Benefits Of Kale”

The Difference Between Assertion & Stubbornness

Being assertive isn’t the same as being stubborn or arrogant. Although these two types of personal insistence both imply a certain amount of self-confidence, however, being assertive comes with an air of openness to various viewpoints, while being stubborn or arrogant is a demonstration of one’s rejection of receptivity. Think about it, if we aren’tContinue reading “The Difference Between Assertion & Stubbornness”