Controlling The Fear Of Public Speaking

If you are an avid reader, you probably have noticed that there are two subjects, which have been written over and over again by countless authors in the self-help category. These two subjects are how to find love and how to manage fear. Since there are plenty of daytime experts, the likes of Dr. Phil,Continue reading “Controlling The Fear Of Public Speaking”

Letting Go Is A Luxury

Toronto Distillery District Letting go is courageous. Letting go is all about trust; a trust in the idea of abundance, and a trust in the mystery of life. The purpose of letting go is to release rigid control. Control over things that we are never given the power to do so.  It’s a realization thatContinue reading “Letting Go Is A Luxury”

Words+Action=Good Reputation

Maintaining a good reputation in the eyes of others takes promising words and consistent action in order to showcase our dependability and trustworthiness. Empty promise is the fastest way to destroy a reputation that we might have spent a long time building. There’s a guy in my public speaking club. When I first met himContinue reading “Words+Action=Good Reputation”

Who Is A Hero?

“A hero is not someone, who is ‘perfect.’ We’d have no Heroes if this were the standard. We all make mistakes, but that doesn’t invalidate the contributions we make in the course of our lives. Perfection is not heroism; humanity is.”-Anthony Robbins

The Brain

The brain is a powerful tool that we use to think, to imagine, to sympathize with others, to find out and remember who we are, individually, culturally, professionally and spiritually. The brain is a place, where we archive the concept of oneness, which we will rediscover slowly with age that our individual, cultural and professionalContinue reading “The Brain”

Personal Battery

“We take better care of our iPhone and blackberry than we do of ourselves. When an iPhone is low in battery, there’s a 20% or 10% warning. When I ran out of my own battery a few years ago, collapsing from exhaustion in a pool of blood with my chin bruised, I didn’t even knowContinue reading “Personal Battery”

Alluringly Nostalgic Smile

Do you smile often? Do I smile often? I don’t, but used to, would love to do it more often though. Living in a big city, what we are in need of the most is neither money nor affluence, rather, a simple smile. Majority of people in the big city don’t smile. If I weren’tContinue reading “Alluringly Nostalgic Smile”


Time is the most valuable commodity and determinant of this world. The immeasurable nature of time determines the measurable nature of the material world. Having enough time to wait, the value of the material objects increases. Not having enough time to enjoy, the increased value of the material objects means nothing. Donating time to anContinue reading “Time”