How Many Times Can One Introduce Oneself?

How many times can My name is…be used before it is exhausted to the bone? We may get tired of doing the same thing over and over; however, the necessity in the doing, at times, forces us to put up with the incessant repetition in order to finish the tasks at hand. Tell me aboutContinue reading “How Many Times Can One Introduce Oneself?”

To Experience To Relate

Since we were little kids, all of us have been in a constant search of different ways to relate to others and to make us relatable. As kids, our innocence was the natural pull that made us relatable to one another. As adults, our commonly shared roller-coaster ride kind of life experiences have replaced ourContinue reading “To Experience To Relate”

A Pop Culturist’s Take On The Greatest Love Of All

Today, I would like to write about an obvious yet neglected, an embarrassing yet enticing, a common yet bewildering, and a touching yet mockery-provoking subject, that is self-love. Self-love is not narcissism. Self-love isn’t the kind of excessive self-centeredness, exemplified so perfectly by countless bikini babes and shirtless hunks on Instagram. Self-love simply is, inContinue reading “A Pop Culturist’s Take On The Greatest Love Of All”

Good Timing/Good Luck

Being academically accomplished doesn’t always guarantee a smooth sail through life. Although having an university or a college education certainly does give us a better start; we can even argue that, in this day and age, an university or a college degree is the basic requirement for any of us to be considered as anContinue reading “Good Timing/Good Luck”

Asserting Yourself Effectively

Asserting yourself isn’t always going to be popular, because it comes with the probability of causing friction amongst your friends. Asserting yourself isn’t always going to be easy, because it comes with the possibility of being misunderstood by your parents and relatives. Asserting yourself can be painful, because it comes with risk of your becomingContinue reading “Asserting Yourself Effectively”

Authentically Expressive

I admire people, who dare to speak their mind honestly; a seemingly easy; yet, difficult thing to do. People, who speak their mind honestly are, at times, perceived as individuals without filter, who don’t know enough about measure of appropriateness, in terms of the time and the place for certain topics. In my opinion, contraryContinue reading “Authentically Expressive”

Be The Type Of Person You Want To Meet

Be the type of person that you want to meet. I’ve been doing my best to incorporate this line of words into my daily conduct. Is it worth of practicing it? Yes! Is the daily practice of this line beneficial to the improvement of life’s quality? Yes! Is it easy to practice it? No! ItContinue reading “Be The Type Of Person You Want To Meet”

Having More Than One Perspective

In those early years of my stay in Canada, I wished that I were born in this country. My desperation to assimilate into the mainstream society made me want to be rid of my foreign upbringing and everything that I’d learned along the way. A decade later, having gotten enough Canadian experiences under my belt,Continue reading “Having More Than One Perspective”