The Largest Human Organ

In recent months,  I have learned that the biggest organ on a human body is our skin. This revelation came as a surprising yet not so surprising discovery, considering the conventionally revered human organs, such as our heart, bladder, brain and so on, are all enveloped in it. Due to its all-encompassing coverage, one wouldContinue reading “The Largest Human Organ”

Spare A Change

I walked by a Starbucks and heard a homeless woman begging the passing crowd for money. “Spare a change. Spare a change.” I wanted to spare a change, but soon realized that I was not a millionaire, who had got pockets full of change to spare easily. Some may consider giving away a buck orContinue reading “Spare A Change”

A Pair Of New Shoes

I am not an over spender. This is one of the personal traits that I like about myself. I am not subscribed to the thinking of Robert Kiyosaki, who crusades the ideology of spending more to attract richness. I believe in spending within my means. As good as it is to appreciate the value ofContinue reading “A Pair Of New Shoes”

What Eating Salad Has Taught Me About Our Daily Life

I love eating salad. Although it is healthy to consume a variety of greens everyday; however, eating healthy greens of the same kind repetitively can get boring and dull. Recently, I have figured out a very simple way to prevent the rise of dullness in my salad eating, which is to introduce a new ingredientContinue reading “What Eating Salad Has Taught Me About Our Daily Life”

Personal Battery

“We take better care of our iPhone and blackberry than we do of ourselves. When an iPhone is low in battery, there’s a 20% or 10% warning. When I ran out of my own battery a few years ago, collapsing from exhaustion in a pool of blood with my chin bruised, I didn’t even knowContinue reading “Personal Battery”