A Chinese Saying

There is a well-known Chinese saying, “we can give our best effort, trying to make our dream a reality. That being said, the fruition of our dream is also determined by a power greater than ours.” Quite often, we are taught and trained by our family, and society to be the creator and driver ofContinue reading “A Chinese Saying”


Do you want to fly? Have you ever dreamed about being able to fly? I don’t want to fly at this moment, but I have definitely dreamed about it before. Flying implies an airiness of both physical and mental unrestraint. To become airy, we have got to work hard to let go of physical andContinue reading “Fly”

A Different Take On New Year’s Resolution

Ever wonder why some of your new year’s resolution didn’t work in the past? Here might be the reason. According to author, Gerry Gavin, our brain, the master computer of our body, works within a different concept of time than our thoughts do. Our thoughts and brain are not the same. Thoughts are part ofContinue reading “A Different Take On New Year’s Resolution”

I’m Doing Okay

Does what we say honestly reflect how we feel on the inside? As a kid, I was taught to greet strangers with “How do you do?” and friends with “How are you?” Nowadays, no longer do we have a clear distinction between the usage of these two expressions, both of which are meant to seekContinue reading “I’m Doing Okay”

How Do You See Yourself?~Louise L. Hay

For generations, we have allowed the numbers that correspond to how many years we have been on the planet to tell us how to feel and how to behave. As with any other aspect of life, what we mentally accept and believe becomes true for us. Well, it is time to change our beliefs aboutContinue reading “How Do You See Yourself?~Louise L. Hay”

Modern Men’s Pressure

Is it weird for men to take care of themselves? Is it not manly enough for guys to pay extra attention to their physical appearance? Is it fair for women to mock at men for their inclination to move away from the “boys don’t cry” image to become more in tune with their soft side?Continue reading “Modern Men’s Pressure”


Hope, we all need to have it under any circumstance. At the moment when self-deprecating thoughts are setting in, holding on to the possibility of hope is more important than ever. My mother once told me after I had lost my way, “you have got to be hopeful. If you didn’t have hope, what elseContinue reading “Hope”

Public Sharing

Just the other day, I was watching a favorite daytime talk show of mine when I heard one of the co-hosts say, “if I want to have a random hookup, I want to have a good time, feeling satisfied at the end.” Call me old-fashioned; I am still shocked by comments as such made unapologeticallyContinue reading “Public Sharing”

Comfort Zone

We long for comfort. We search for comfort. When we find it, as we are settling to the feeling of serenity, not for long, the feeling of serenity will turn into the feeling of boredom. We will soon realize that though comfort is needed; however; being comfortably static doesn’t guarantee a future of stability, happinessContinue reading “Comfort Zone”

Confucius On Career Choice

Many people are fans of Confucius’ teachings. One of his famous lines is “find a job that you like and you will never have to work a day in your life.” What is unknown to most is the line that comes after, which is “the one who moves mountain begins with one stone.” I resonateContinue reading “Confucius On Career Choice”