Speaking Is An Art

Speaking is an art. The choice of words is an art. The way, in which ideas get across to others, is an art. We have all hurt someone with our words before. If you have not, you are given an art of speech that you should be appreciative of. Art comes in many forms. RegardlessContinue reading “Speaking Is An Art”


In need of some motivation to stay physically active today? Please take a look at this pic, taken at my gym this morning. May you be inspired to persevere with all types of challenges, and to lead an active life!


Wayne Dyer says: “Change the way you look at things, the things that you look at change.” Indeed! Being flexible is a key skill to living a happy life. Perspective is everything. Looking at the world through different lenses helps us shed the negative emotions and enjoy its beauties, while we are navigating our wayContinue reading “Perspective”

Public Sharing

Just the other day, I was watching a favorite daytime talk show of mine when I heard one of the co-hosts say, “if I want to have a random hookup, I want to have a good time, feeling satisfied at the end.” Call me old-fashioned; I am still shocked by comments as such made unapologeticallyContinue reading “Public Sharing”

Unplanned Events

Sometimes in life, we just cannot plan ahead. If you have been alive for more than two decades on this planet Earth, you certainly understand what I mean. Parents usually say that in order for us to avoid making mistakes, advanced preparation is needed. I am in 100% agreement with this teaching. That being said,Continue reading “Unplanned Events”


One of the major components in a healthy, and balanced friendship is reciprocity. Although most of us enjoy the act of giving; however, we are also into the pleasure of receiving. We may come into a friendship with differences, in terms of financial conditions, cultural and personal habits; we can never use excessively preexisting circumstancesContinue reading “Reciprocity”

Journey or Destination

As we are giving our all to realize our dreams, we hear quite often the importance of focusing on the journey; rather than on the destination. As I was watching one of my favorite TV shows, The Amazing Race, minutes ago, this century long wisdom did ring true for me. Our Life is like anContinue reading “Journey or Destination”

Life, A Daring Adventure Or Nothing?

How many adventures has each one of you taken so far in your life? Was it worth the risk for you to have taken all those adventures, in your honest opinion? There are three major adventures that I’ve taken so far in my life. The first was in 2000 when I came to Canada aloneContinue reading “Life, A Daring Adventure Or Nothing?”


When we were little, many clichés didn’t make sense to us. We were incapable of understanding why inner beauty was more important than the outer one. We couldn’t comprehend why a lot of adults said “living is not easy.” And, we didn’t know why many people felt so lonely in a world, of which wasContinue reading “Clichés”

Go After Your Dream

What’s the most effective way to inspire and teach your kids life lessons?  Different people may have different answers. In my particular case, I learn and get inspired the most by looking at examples, set by people that I am fond of, the likes of my parents, grandparents and some public figures. I was watchingContinue reading “Go After Your Dream”