True Friends

Back in high school, my dad once overheard a phone conversation that I had with a good friend of mine, at the time. During the conversation, my friend and I used funny nicknames to address each other, which was something that my dad disapproved of and considered disrespectful. He whispered to me while I wasContinue reading “True Friends”

Be A Gent In Bro Talk

Years ago, I was on the second of a three step job interview for a sales position that I was applying for. My then manager and I had to drive to various small towns near Niagara Falls to sell, from door to door, an all inclusive season golf package. During our travel, the manager askedContinue reading “Be A Gent In Bro Talk”

Refashion Excellence

Last Wednesday, I listened to a guest speaker, who talked passionately about being the best we could ever be in life. She considered our best self as an embodiment of our own definition of excellence. In the Q&A part of her presentation, I posed a such question, ” you emphasized repeatedly the importance of beingContinue reading “Refashion Excellence”

Live Your Life

Live your life!!! How many times do we have to be told in order to put these words into our daily practice? Quite often, the seemingly simplest things can be the hardest things to do. At least in my own personal experiences, this is case. Live your life, without the constant, self-inflicted, egotistic comparison toContinue reading “Live Your Life”