A Pop Of Color

As students, many of us hated the fact that we had to wear school uniform every single day.  In our minds, school uniform was a type of clothing that was conformist and lacking in individuality. We desperately wanted to grow up so that we could grow out of this boring gear and be our ownContinue reading “A Pop Of Color”

Put Your Best Physical Self Forward Today

While having chitchat, the other day, with an acquaintance, I was asked if I was someone, who paid attention to how I dressed and looked in public. To which I replied yes. We are walking billboard of who we are. Why not present to the public the best sides of ours? Dressing well and lookingContinue reading “Put Your Best Physical Self Forward Today”

Burberry Chic

Burberry is such a chic fashion house! Every time when I come across its campaigns in either their store windows or magazines, I always wish that my wardrobe was mostly consisted of Burberry items. I love to dress well, because I firmly believe that the way we feel about ourselves, to a large extent, isContinue reading “Burberry Chic”

How To Appreciate Yourself

When I was a kid, I was teased a lot by friends and by schoolmates for my physical appearance, due to my weight issue. I was called pig and fatty on a daily basis, even by people in my close circle; the verbal bully that I had to face constantly really took a toll inContinue reading “How To Appreciate Yourself”