Is That You?

I am sitting here in the subway train, picturing you. Are you the one, who has got that black blazer on or, the one, whose wavy hair is blown forward and backward, uncontrollably, by the tunnel wind? I am in and out of this steel container, day after day, week after week, hoping that weContinue reading “Is That You?”

Two In Billions

I think that I am weird. You think that you are the same way. You think that you are a loner. I share your sentiment. When we happen to find each other, in a crowd of billions, on one of those lucky days, our inexplicable and invisible connections create instant sparks that will keep usContinue reading “Two In Billions”

Love Is Never Far Away

我爱你!I Love You! Je t’aime! These are the three words, which will be heard countless times across the globe, starting from today till tomorrow. Love is a beautiful thing. Although it is beautiful; however, it is not exclusively gifted in between lovers. We give love to ourselves. We give love to our family. We giveContinue reading “Love Is Never Far Away”

A Heart On The Ground

I saw a heart on the ground. I wanted to pick it up, but couldn’t, because it was deeply engraved into the concrete. Some hearts are not meant to be taken. Some hearts are better left untouched. Although we are all mesmerized by the symbolism and the simplicity of a heart shape; however, not everyContinue reading “A Heart On The Ground”

A Teenage Crush

Teenage crush is fun. Teenage crush is cute. Teenage crush is a sweet memory that I will forever cherish. When I was a teenager, I had a huge crush on a girl in school. She wasn’t the prettiest. She wasn’t smartest. But she just had that “It” factor that other prettier and smarter girls didn’tContinue reading “A Teenage Crush”