Great Achievement By Robin Sharma

Great achievement always requires great sacrifice. That idea–in a world of quick fix–isn’t so popular. But it still holds true. The bigger the dream, the more work, focus, patience, bravery and devotion you’ll need to find within you to get it done.

Don’t Be Rooted In The Past

Don’t be rooted in the past, but be grounded in the past. I like the word, nostalgia. In fact, I first learned this word while browsing through school French vocabularies. The word, nostalgia, is beautiful, just like the meaning that it is intended to convey. We tend to hold onto anything that’s beautiful. Hence whyContinue reading “Don’t Be Rooted In The Past”

Facebook Wall

Once I heard someone say to her friend “May your life look as fantastic as it does on your Facebook wall.” True, so true! What do you want to see on your Facebook wall when you log in your account? Would you rather see positive messages to help get your day going and to haveContinue reading “Facebook Wall”