Personal Beliefs & Professional Accomplishments

Can you separate a person’s beliefs from his or her professional accomplishments? Many people may say yes upon hearing the idea, because personal beliefs and professional accomplishments seemingly come across as two separate entities. A professional accomplishment is usually built on one’s vision, perseverance, and hard work; three personal traits that we are all aspiredContinue reading “Personal Beliefs & Professional Accomplishments”

Respect For Another Culture And Its Pertinent Sensitivity

I used to enjoy watching, The Amazing Race. As much as I liked the show, what often bugged me about the show was the entitlement and the lack of respect demonstrated by some of participants. For example, when these individuals traveled to non English-speaking countries, they would automatically expect the locals, with whom they cameContinue reading “Respect For Another Culture And Its Pertinent Sensitivity”

One Of The Life’s Conundrums

Many people look to street corner, in the open air, for intriguing discoveries. There are also many people, who look to street corner, on the inside of a public space, for shelter and protection. Lately, I have noticed more and more socially and financially disadvantaged people, who have sought out a warm corner in theContinue reading “One Of The Life’s Conundrums”

No Two Snowflakes Look Alike

No two snowflakes look alike. As we become more educated about the world that we live in, we come to realize and eventually accept the different types of realities. Of course, it doesn’t matter what types of realities that we are in, there are the unchanged elements, for example; the oxygen, water and etc. ThatContinue reading “No Two Snowflakes Look Alike”

Le Divertissement

Le divertissement se serve comme un outil efficace pour les gens, qui désirent s’amuser et s’apprendre. Malheureusement, en étant un moyen visuel et auditive dont l’influence puissant atteint les billions, certains actes irrespectueux, tels que siffler aux femmes, ou faire revivre les stéréotypes raciales, sont présentés souvent sous prétexte des valeurs divertissantes. Je suis sûrContinue reading “Le Divertissement”

A Teacher’s Confession

I was at a gathering last night, where one of the friends candidly shared the challenges that she sometimes faced as a female teacher. She spoke about the lack of respect, being given to her by some male students, due to her being a different gender. Education of respect starts from home. If a boyContinue reading “A Teacher’s Confession”

Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation has been used for quite a long time in the commercialized world, entertainment industry in particular. Although cultural appropriation does contribute to the exchange and interaction of different cultures; however, the main motive behind this phenomenon is very self-serving; in other words, cultural appropriation is all about taking bits and pieces of others’Continue reading “Cultural Appropriation”

Be A Gent In Bro Talk

Years ago, I was on the second of a three step job interview for a sales position that I was applying for. My then manager and I had to drive to various small towns near Niagara Falls to sell, from door to door, an all inclusive season golf package. During our travel, the manager askedContinue reading “Be A Gent In Bro Talk”